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Hampshire, West Sussex and The South Coast

Land Wanted.

We are always looking for new sites along the South Coast with development potential. With or without planning permission.

If you have a small piece of land on your doorstep, the end of your property, or something more substantial in acres, your land is very likely to be of interest to developers. Whether your land has planning permission or not, you could well be sitting on a substantial profit.

Selling land as potential development can be a daunting prospect for landowners, due to the complexities of the process. We have the expertise and experience to undertake a wide variety of opportunities – if you are thinking about selling your land, get in contact for a confidential discussion.

There’s no pressure and no obligation to act on our advice.

There are many ways of selling your land or property, these are the most common:

This means you will achieve in the region of market value without (in most cases) any uplift of development value. Unconditional, is mainly only ever Subject to Legal Contract, this is because the buyer will be taking a higher risk and will have more holding costs on the land/property for some time until satisfactory planning is approved. This transaction is more suited if you need a quick sale and a cash buyer.

Without Planning Permission
More commonly known as “Subject to Planning Permission”, this is when a buyer won’t pay for your land/property immediately. Instead, you will enter into a legal contract with the said buyer (normally either an Option, Conditional or Promotional Contract) and they will then promote the site through the Local Authority Planning Department and will hopefully gain a satisfactory permission. This is a lengthy process, is never guaranteed and the costs to the Buyer can be huge. Once approved you should be achieving 20% or more than its current market value. This should create the highest value as you have achieved planning permission yourself and would have taken the risk by spending a lot of (time and) money at this stage.

With Planning Permission
This should create the highest value as you have achieved planning permission yourself and would have taken the risk by spending a lot of money at this stage. This sometimes has its own issues: perhaps the planning design is wrong for the end market and you may have achieved the incorrect type of planning, the proposed dwellings could be too big (or) too small having an impact on build costs or values. Other factors could have been overlooked like access and crossing 3rd party land, utility connections, drainage systems, onerous planning conditions or signed s106 agreements that aren’t viable. The list can truly be endless, this is why you really need to do your investigations. However, generally you should achieve maximum value.




Land in Urban/Brownfield Locations


Land in Urban Extensions/Greenfield Locations (Strategic Land)


Small Single Parcels Circa 210sqm for Independent Living


Mixed Use Schemes, including Commercial


Permitted Development Opportunities


Period Properties suitable for Conversion


Retirement Living Sites


Care Home Sites


Existing Stock for Investment Clients (Blocks of Apartments and Housing Sites with Freeholds)

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Are you a developer looking to buy land?

We have land opportunities with development potential across Hampshire, West Sussex and the South Coast. If you are looking to buy land for housing developments, commercial or mixed-use, speak to our expert land agent to discuss your requirements.  

Land Acquisition and Disposals

Case Studies.

Case Study

Former East Point Centre Southampton

The three-year project consists of 21 houses and 107 flats, totalling 128 dwellings.

Case Study

Guildford Borough

This site is circa of 0.25acres and has planning permission for x2 detached dwellings.

Case Study

Old Calmore

The site was originally part of a detached house called “The Lillie’s” which was positioned on a plot circa of 0.45 acres.